How to come off – detox for media junkies

Internet, and the mainstream online media become the new Commercial TV channels – they like the drugs, they are addicted, and when they overdose, they are tragically harmful for mental health.

Can you imagine what happens to your brain, when you watching TV all day, every day, switching between channels, and just watch everything what they play? Commercial advertisings, crime news, political news, commercial advertising, again, porn, celebrity news, category Z trash films, celebrity news, again, South American and Turkish soap operas, cartoon everything? This is what actually we do, when we scrolling Facebook, or Instagram or following the biggest online news sites. We eat trash.

We should not be surprised that why people so angry online

– Because the internet is a toxic hellspace. Its not only me who telling this, but Whitney Phillips who is an assistant professor of communication and rhetorical studies at Syracuse University. As she says on Wired, she has got post traumatic syndromes, panic attacks since she start to research subcultural trolls, media manipulators and mainstream journalists. She is studying online harassment, manipulation, and harm since 2008, and she got sick from it.

Disinformation is the first step to cleaning up the smog? Not exactly. But you have to choose wisely what do you read and how long do you read them to get rid of your anxiety.

Social media, and internet is a new digital platform, so there’s not much research about its long-term consequences. But there have been studies linking heavy social media use to enhance trigger emotions.

To be online is affecting your mental health?

Do the mainstream media Facebook feed make you feel mad sometimes? Yale University conducted research showing that your online environment triggers you to express your rage. Count us in. We catch the feels, too – Mary Villegas author of the Inquirer says.

Moreover, this online rage is more rampant in political discussions. To get you more on board with how your social media environment affects you negatively.

The internet and the mainstream media is a toxic environment. And there is no difference: they are toxic from east to west – a Japanese writer Brett Fuijoka said on Noéma.

Everyone already knows the news are sucks

Via Giphy

I can’t think there is anyone who seems to enjoy reading or watching the news every day.

We all get it: yes, the news is overly negative, and yes, it often gets some things wrong. We’re better off for it. Some even say we need the news, that democracy is impossible without it.

In fact, I’m going to argue that the news doesn’t just seem to be horrible, in its current form it is horrible. It is actively damaging our culture – this polar opinion is from the author of a self-helping best seller book, The Substitute Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson.

Most of what we get on social media, or the internet —the up-ticks in stress, anxiety, pessimism, and polarization— he said.

Why is the news are so terrible?

Because most of media manipulators and mainstream journalists are psychopaths? The answer is yes, maybe, and we we talk about it later, in another blog post.

Let me ask you this: when was the last time you made a major life decision based on a news story? Or: when was the last time information from a news story directly impacted your life?

Chances are you can’t remember. That’s because the vast majority of news is irrelevant.

“Car chases. Bank robberies. Celebrity overdoses. Sports scores. Homeless people throwing feces at one another.

So, if the news isn’t sharing useful facts or information that is directly affecting millions of people’s lives, what exactly is the news trying to do?

Well, that’s easy. The goal of the news is to motivate you to keep consuming news.” – Mark Manson says.

How we can overcome of this?

Unfollow, block those sites, which makes you angry, and upset, and just take your time.
It is a good idea, to have an internet detox cure, and than back, follow only those sites, which doesn’t causes anxiety to read them. Serious journals and magazines without any tabloid, and crime issues are unlikely won’t be harmful to your mental health.
Read them only few times a day, across their Facebook feed because only the most important articles are posted there, so this is already a filter against too much less relevant information.

And what you will gain from detox cure? I can say, a lot. You will have a clearer view of what the hell exactly happen around, you will have much more time, and last, but not least, you will be much more optimistic about the future, and your life perspective – which is the natural state of mind of a person with a healthy psyche.

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