The opposition parties missed out – can Fidesz lead the protest against austerity?

For a few days all the news was about the protests, the daily demonstrations paralysed the capital, where they demanded the departure of Fidesz and Viktor Orbán, because of the election lies and austerity measures.

Lacking a leader of character, after a few days of charming city picnics, bridge reservations and aimless wandering, all the protesters wanted was for someone from the government to listen to them.

In comparison, for some days now, almost all the news has been about Tusványos, where not only almost the entire Fidesz political elite is turning up, but where they are awaiting Viktor Orbán’s revelation tomorrow like a papal mass or a rock star. No sign of discontent, only fear of bear attack. – It seems to be Fidesz able to thematise any situation and take control back.

It is no coincidence, the general perception is that, if Fidesz were in opposition today, there would be much bigger protests against the tax hikes and increased utility bills.

According to Andrea Szabó, a sociologist on voter behaviour (via Telex), it is not inconceivable that Fidesz, in order to maintain its position, is leading the protests, using the energy of the dissatisfied to reorganise the protests and rally people against the Brussels leadership. – After all, it is the Brussels leadership that has decided to deny us access to cheaper Russian gas because of the embargoes on the war in Ukraine, and it is also Brussels that is withholding the Unios funds that we are owed, which has put the country’s economy in a very difficult situation.

If the opposition forces are unable to lead the protests, it is not even inconceivable that Fidesz will turn the energy of the protests to its own advantage, which is not insignificant because it looks like we are facing a hot autumn across Europe. Failure to find a solution to heating in the cold winter months could even lead to riots breaking out in Europe – writes Mandiner.

This is, of course, only an assumption, but perhaps we do not have to wait long to see what Fidesz will do about the situation. Tomorrow, Viktor Orbán will give a lecture in Tusnádfürdő, at the Bálványos Summer Free University and Student Camp, i.e. Tusványos, and is expected to deliver some big-arching, long-term thoughts this year again, which may reveal the direction he intends to take his policy.

picture: Wflore

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