I have multiple social media accounts and I tell you why

– This was a title of a smart blog post which I have read years ago, and unfortunately can’t find again.

The autor of a blog was a lady, who works in the creative sector, and she explaind that her character is too colourful, to have only one online persona, to express herself. She said, she has multiple sides of personality, I think she had 7, and she likes to express herself in a various ways. She loves to play on her different voices, one by one, so this is why she use many accounts on the social platforms, and she loves it.

– I remember how liberating it was to read these words, because, so am I. Me, just like this creative individual, who I’ve speaking about above, I have more than one account on social media. Much more, than one.
One of my Facebook accounts runs this blog, another one into politics and humor topics, one is for my light literute sribbles, one is for comments in sensitive political issues, and sadly I had to make some account against accounts, wich have made only to mobbing, or bullying me

If this gives you negative feelings, I’m sorry, just scroll down.

By the way, social media expects have multiple accounts as well, to make their posts viral – this is a little cheating, a trick against algorithms stupidity, namely, the robots randomly offer only those posts on the insta home page, wich have a lots of likes and comments… So, to make a post viral, you often have to artificially generate reactions around it. This is it…

If you are interested in pros and cons of using multiple media accounts read this blog.

picture: pexels.com/cottonbro

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